Bill Show #223: Dark Days For Roger Stone.



Things are shaking for the Mueller investigation as he starts to connect GOP operative (and Al Franken Rat-F#cker) Roger Stone with Julian Assange and the Russians. Could these be dark days for Old Roger? We also look at Donald Trump's reaction to Saudi Arabia chopping up a Washington Post columnist. Hint: He's not all that bothered by it. We also ask the musical question...what do the Saudis have on Donny? Randy tells us the story of the stupidest Born Again Christian to ever ride a fishing boat. Its another two weeks...let's talk, shall we?


Special: The Bill Show Lounge.



Yes...drop by. It's after hours at The Bill Show Studios. Drinks are BYO...but the 20 minute update on Donny's meltdown is free. Pull up a chair...

Bill Show #222: A Sea Of Blue.



ELECTION SPECIAL!!! Rejoice friends and neighbours!!!!!! It was GREAT BIG WAVE no matter what drivel you're hearing. Live on tape on election night, Randy and Bill go over the changing political landscape after the Midterms. You smell that? That's the smell of Congressional Investigation....coming soon...

Bill Show #221: Save America…Vote Blue.



We're back. In the last four weeks the President has stirred the lethal stew of violence to a rolling boil. Nazis are killing Jews. 11 citizens executed by a killer reacting to Trump's anti immigration rhetoric. Attempted assassination of 11 Democratic Leaders including an ex-President. Thousands of armed US troops sent to defend America from sick unarmed men, women and young children 1,000 miles away. Trump fans are shooting people in the streets. Madness. Why? Trump and the GOP are scared shitless. We're coming for them. The Blue Wave may be becoming a righteous Tsunami. Americans are standing up around the world and from sea to sea. Smell their fear...and VOTE BLUE! SAVE AMERICA! Find out where!


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