Bill Show #225: Sh*t…Donny’s Home Alone



Kelley is leaving. Mattis is leaving. You remember all those guys that could "hold Trump back" from being crazy? They're all gone. Donny's Home Alone and we're all in peril...because he's insane. Trump also signs over Syria to Putin, following orders and screwing over our allies. GOP members privately say they are really scared for America, but too cowardly to stand up for it. We also look at the corrupt Republican Party and discuss a Senate Leadership taking big bucks from the Russians. We discuss. Its a very scary Christmas! Don't forget to give a donation to The Professional Left's "Go Fund Me Page" at


Bill Show #224: It’s Treason.



Yes folks...the newest filings in the Michael Cohen's court documents more or less tells us...Mueller is going after Trump for Treason. We look at the implications. This is also just the beginning of the shitstorm that is coming. We look at the three days of fond hyperbole for the Bush family. Then we wretch. We also discuss. Randy surveys the cost of health care and reminds all of our listeners REGISTER FOR OBAMACARE BY DECEMBER 15th. @ Do it now. We also look at the coming climate crisis (just for laughs). Pull up a chair!

The Bill Show Lounge with David Cotter



Its another late night at The Bill Show Lounge. Joining us tonight for a drink is Australian actor, comedy writer and musician David Cotter fresh from his Melbourne tour. Pull up a chair and join us!


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