Bill Show #228: “The Real Emergency”



President Daffy Pants has run off to Vietnam (a first for him), leaving a state of emergency over a wall. Meanwhile scientists around the planet are screaming to save the world while we still can. Twelve years before we get the real time sequel to "The Day After Tomorrow", (Which is hilarious. Mankind's destiny is a BAD Roland Emmerich film..) We discuss. The Green New Deal gains support amongst Democrats. We discuss. Randy shares moments and clips from the events of the month. We include comedy. We're back...

Bill Show #227: President Stupid Reads Teleprompter.



We're back to watch Trump's scary 1939 style State of the Union. There were chants and women in white. The whole thing was a pseudo fascist shit fest. However most of America tuned into Stacey Abrams and Bernie Sanders. We discuss. Randy shares some clips from the media reaction. Pull up a chair and reflect on another year starting like the Twilight Zone.


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