Bill Show #233: Bolton’s War.



The bill is coming due for the Republicans blocking Merrick Garland from the Supreme Court. The bill's coming due for Brett Kavanaugh. Millions of women are in danger of losing their right to choose. We discuss. John Bolton is setting the board for another Gulf of Tonkin incident to start a war with Iran. We discuss. We look back at how the Conservatives defeated the Green New Deal in Australia. There is a lesson to be learned for the USA. We discuss. Randy brings the clips and we look back on the last couple of weeks in US politics. 


Bill Show #232: “The Bullsh*t Artist”



A subpoena is a legally enforceable demand for documents, data, or witness testimony. In Latin, “sub poena” means “under penalty.” But evidently...not anymore. As Trump stalls and the Democrats devote time to whether or not enforcing the law is politically convenient, our President "The Cheeto Mussolini" attempts a coup in Venezuela and moves US forces to Iran's backdoor. Barr proves himself to be the reincarnation of Roy Cohn. And by the way, the new UN report on biodiversity is outselling Stephen King at the bookstores. Randy brings in some funny clips and we drink heavily. Pull up a stool...


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