Bill Show #234: “Impeach Him, For God Sake!!!”



Let's see...what's happened? Mueller leaves us with a huge amount of evidence, and an explanation that sounds like an iTunes agreement. However the shit on Donald keeps coming. It's time to impeach Donald because...let's HE'S GUILTY,HE'S CRAZY AND HE HAS NUCLEAR CODES!!! We discuss. Donny goes on a 10 minute rant (again) proving that as a President he makes a great narcissistic sociopath. He'll be dribbling soon. We discuss the Trump Justice Department's targeting of Freedom of the Press. We discuss how Julian Assange is being used as a Trojan Horse to suppress and destroy what's left of journalism. Joe Biden can't wait to compromise with the GOP. (It's great we have an inspiring front runner...) Meanwhile he's taking it easy and trying to walk back...well...a lot. We discuss. Randy brings in the clips and uncovers the truth about the new evangelical 51st state. (Blessed be the Fruit). Pull up a chair and join us...


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