Bill Show #236: Is Karma Coming For Donny?


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_236.jpgTrump distracts by attacking "The Squad" and the media and the Democrats buy it. Meanwhile we're not talking about Muller and no one   noticed the drastic changes in the Jeffery Epstein case. We discuss. Everyone complains when Muller tells congress to impeach Donny for obstruction of justice. Evidently that's still not enough. Jesus. Randy talks about "The Squad" and we explore the continuing musical comedy that is Lyndsey Graham.

Bill Show #235: “Fear And Loathing In Pottersville”



They say you can't go back. I did. We look at the vast difference in an American Town. Their is an air of "Its a Wonderful Life" and George Orwell in Trump's America. We discuss. And yes…it’s the Democratic Thunderdome where MSNBC tastefully presented the American Political Reality Show…policy wonk style. We discuss. Morning Joe feels its important that Democrats listen to his advice on how to oust Trump. There is hilarity. We discuss. Randy talks of the way America is being viewed overseas and the cost of Trump’s policies. Finally, we salute a true American Hero….my Dad. 


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