Bill Show #238: Shafting Bernie



MSNBC and the Washington Post clutch their pearls and are outraged that they have been called out for shafting Bernie in their coverage (just as they did 2016). Can Bernie prove it? I don't the sky blue? We discuss. Jeffery Epstein's mysterious "suicide" is about as mysterious as an episode of "Murder She Wrote". We discuss with the help of Angela Lansbury. Joe Biden starts to talk doesn't end well. We marvel at length and breadth of the hatred in the establishment for Sanders. We provide some truly zany and insane articles from noted former Hillary supporters (and mainstream journos)  who continue to conduct a jihad against Sanders, risking once again alienating the base of Sanders supporters (who they need 2019). Are they that stupid? Is the sky blue? Randy winds up with an entire two weeks of dribbling crap (he wants to buy Greenland) from the leader of the free world. Buy a ticket...take the ride....

Bill Show #237: Debate…then Rome Burns…



BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_237.jpgWhile America burns, we discussed the latest Democratic Debate.  Much of this was recorded before Donny's Nazi Brown Shirts decided to play with their automatic weapons again. 


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