Bill Show #239: The Climate…and President Dumbass.


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_239.jpgThe Bahamas is devastated and President Dumbass plays with his crayons. We discuss. Chances are, this climate event may attract some attention from the one percent, as its not in the third world this time...but where Bill Gates and Johnny Depp have their summer houses. We discuss. Joe Biden once again proves that he still has the super power of sounding stupid. After being nailed for going to fossil fuel fundraisers...he still drops by to pass the plate. A true progressive warrior. "Mad Dog" Mattis, General and all American War Criminal, drops by Morning Blow to hock his new book and NOT say anything about our insane child President. Randy runs down the last two weeks in US Politics and we include clips and comedy. Come on in...bring your crayons and a Sharpie


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