Bill Show #244: GOP Sh*tshow


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_244.jpgThe impeachment hearings are turning into “Dumb Dumb Legal” (new sitcom starring the GOP) as the Republicans scurry like rats to defend the first true Moron President. He tops it all off by trying to intimidate witnesses in real time. The rats are scurrying….get some popcorn.

Bill Show #243: Our Twilight Zone Reality



While Randy is away we take stock of the Twilight Zone reality we have been in for the last for the last 3 years. Trump is flailing as “Anonymous” releases another account of life in the Funny Farm that is the Trump White House. We go back to our March 2016 show and find that Donald is going out the same way he started. We also focus on the Roger Stone trial and the torrent of sh*t on Donny that will soon see the light of day. We also bring some great clips. It’s a trip down memory lane…hold tight.

Bill Show #242: Donny’s Drowning.



Strap in...its going to be a bumpy ride.The cracks are beginning to show as Trump’s former staff turns against him. John Bolton’s testimony will be a treat. Meanwhile the GOP stages a Brook’s Brothers sit in…peace, bubba. In comedy Trump backs down from forcing everyone to his hotel…and produces an infomercial while doing it. We discuss. Syria and Turkey are now Vlad’s best friends. We discuss. Rudy is butt dialling reporters now. We discuss. Randy brings the clips and comedy. Jump in…the water’s fine.


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