Bill Show #256: Remember…Donny Is A Psycho.


Mary Trump writes a book that says Donny's Dad didn't love him enough. Are you telling me if Fred Trump had done the f*cking "Field of Dreams" thing with his kid more often...we wouldn't be in this mess????!!! We discuss. Donny goes crazy at Mount Rushmore and in the Rose much longer before this psycho snaps? We discuss. We drink. Randy bring the top ten reasons "people don't wear masks". None of them more important than containing the plague. There is comedy and comment. We're in lock down here too, so sit back and join us...

Bill Show #255: Shut The F*ck Up and Put On Your Mask.


Red States that scoffed at safety procedures in April are now feeling the brunt of the Covid virus in the States. Trump charges into action by cutting federal funding for test sites. We discuss. Trump claims that he didn't know about Russia's bounty for American troops overseas, yet American intelligence says they knew in March. We discuss. Trump tweets gibberish and polls show him dying a slow death in swing states. Randy asks the musical question: What if Trump loses and refuses to leave? There is also a puppet show and comedy from the US political scene. Pull up a chair!


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