Bill Show Mystery Theatre 3000 #1: Trump’s COVID Carnival


In the true spirit of radio theater...Welcome to first short episode of "The Bill Show Political Comedy Mystery Theater 3000".  Submitted for your approval...a terror filled tale that takes place in the oval office. Enjoy...

Bill Show #261:Final Days To Reckoning…Vol.1


Trump is behind in the swing states to Joe Biden. He has COVID and is now racing around the country infecting as many as possible in the most incredible display of insanity since...never. The walls are closing in. The endgame will depend on the VOTE! If you haven't voted go to  . If your in America make sure to turn out or get your vote in the mail now! That is all. We have fun and thrills this episode as we watch "Final Days To Reckoning" (Volume 1)....

Bill Show #260: The Sh*t Show


(This was recorded before...well...before the God's of Irony came down from the heavens and forced the White House staff to run around asking who had lunch with Hope Hicks...) The debate was between a methed out 16 year old and Vice  President Biden. Trump is national joke. The New York Times reveals Donny's taxes. Ex campaign staffers are threatening suicide. We go back to 2016 to discuss the awesome power that might be wielded in a Trump Republic. Randy brings the clips. Pull up a chair...take a breath...through your mask...


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