Bill Show #263: America To Trump - “Fuck Off, Asshole!”


We Won. Trump Lost. Yet he’s going out like he came in…an insane classless, brainless, grifting pig. Donny’s hold up in the White House asking the ghost of Dick Nixon…what happened? Meanwhile the criminal GOP are participating in an attempted coup in America. It won’t work. If Biden has any sense come January 20, he’ll set the Justice Department on every grifter who participated in the worst Presidency in American History. We’ve got the popcorn, it’s time to watch Nero fiddle while his empire burns…

Bill Show #262: Listen To This And VOTE TODAY!!!!!


OK. It's time to put up or shut up. This may be the most important moment in American history. Will we save the United States of America from a fascist...or will Bruce Springsteen move to Australia? We voted from Australia. Now its up to you!! Love and support to ALL OF YOU IN THE USA!!! TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!





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