Bill Show #266:The Final Curtain (Tip your rioters…)


We discuss the right wing rioters and other scurrying rats and reptiles trying to save their asses and hide from the FBI. We're not losing a cancer cure here, guys. Biden takes charge and GOP weasels are going on about "healing". No backing out of this one kids. We talk about "Illinois Nazis". We have some clips and comedy from the dark end of the Trump Twilight Zone Ending. Behold...

Bill Show #265: Dumb Les Miserables


It’s the inevitable ending to the Trump years, an attempted coup. Trump hypes up his lobotomised followers and they storm the Capital shit on the furniture while killing two people. The moron army (which looked like a Walmart threw up) took selfies with officers and gave their addresses while committing felonies while storming the barricades. It was dumb Les Miserables. Meanwhile, the GOP (THERE IS NO TRUMPISM) ran as quickly as they could to condemn the insurrection they incited. It was a hypocrisy wonderland watching treasonous Senators and the Psychopath In Chief back away from their trailer trash army of overweight 40-60 year old entitled white FOX viewers (with guns). The shit has predictably hit the fan. Time for people to go to jail. 


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