Bill Show #268: Cancun Or Bust


In this episode we congratulate what Trump called “the worst 100 days in American History”. Specifically bring back COVID supplies, passing a 1.7 trillion dollar recovery package to aid families, businesses and the working poor. In Trump’s first hundred days…he was in a twitter war with Arnold and debating the size of his…um…crowd. We also dive deep into the depths of Ted “Cacun” Cruise and the tone deaf entertainment at CPAC. We enjoy a big steaming heap of Karma for a Trump supporter. We discuss the Democrats who think you don’t deserve a living wage. Time for them to explain themselves? Finally Randy focuses on the rampant Republican free market energy policy that killed people in Texas. Its unbelievable….greed and right wing stupidity in Texas. What were the chances? We’ve got the most recent top political satire from the USA! 


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