SPECIAL EXTRA: Bill and Randy at the Movies (aka Melbourne Australia Dystopian COVID Lockdown Show)


We're in lockdown in the Dystopian Authoritarian Hell of Tucker Carlson's fever dream.  Anyway...since we're in lockdown we thought we'd give you a taste of "Bill and Randy at the Movies". Today we share some great films...YOU PROBABLY HAVEN'T SEEN...that are available if you find yourself bored with Netflix with a cat staring at you during COVID lockdown. We hope you enjoy it! Serpentine!!!!!

Bill Show #279: Cuomo Resigns, Afghanistan Falls…(and PS…The World Is Coming To An End)


Its a non-stop comedy laugh-fest on The Bill Show this week. Then possibly some some whiskey, sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Pull up a chair gang...I'm buying.

Bill Show #278: FOX vs COPS


The January 6th investigation start. FOX NEWS attacks Cops. We discuss. Republicans kick an Olympic Athlete when she's down...proving...they are simply monumental assholes. We survey the other hot political stories in the USA. Randy brings cocktails. Enjoy folks!!!!


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