Blll Show #286:A Very Dickins Christmas…(from Kelloggs!)


We check into the most well known conspiracy in Washington…traitors in Congress and inside the White House were attempting to overthrow the United States Government. Literally a fascist coup. Someone should get busy prosecuting. We discuss the bad news for the Sackler Family ( makers of the Heroin Training Kit, Oxycontin) and Lachan Murdoch at FOXNEWS. Bring popcorn. We look at the lovely corporate screw job that is the “Fruit Loop aristocracy”…Kelloggs. Unions are back. We discuss. Randy has all the Christmas gifts for the year. Pull up a bar stool one last time in 2021.

The Omicron Varient (Starring Telly Savalas and Charlton Heston: circa 1972 Dystopian colour)


We’re back from break to welcome The Omicron Variant (the Robert Ludlum answer to COVID) to our doors. We take a look at the last month with clips, commentary from US politics  (with the occasional fart joke).


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