Bill Show #118: Hillary (Conan the Inevitable) Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Bill O’Reilly and The Killer Bees.



Bill and Brother Randy pay tribute to the national monument to inevitability, Hillary (Conan the Inevitable) Clinton. We discuss the jobs that Scott Walker would NOT be qualified for, before we consider him for President. We listen to Rand Paul's Hillary attack ad. It's good fun. We take The Bill O'Reilly Citizenship Test and find out we might be socialists. We look at the fate of bees...yeah, bees. Believe it or not...what we don't know about bees might kill us. We sort out the tin foil hat....and salute a REAL Texas Hero. Hop on board for The Bill Show. 

Bill Show #114: War Powers, Mother Jones, Billo the Clown and The Gay Plot to Kill Christianity.


In this episode we discuss the new War Powers legislation that could mean an endless war. All together....USA!....USA! We peek at Billo the Clown and his Brian Williams problem as a result of Mother Jones and David Corn. Randy sounds off at the perpetual "victims" who are convinced gays are plotting to take away their Christianity. We run down the the laziest Senators during the last sessions of Congress. (Guess what...they're Republicans). We play some very funny clips and name our tin foil hats (big bunch this week, guys!) Its a chock full Bill Show that's full of political comedy goodness. Climb aboard, Billsters!

Bill Show #108: “It’s Good To Be The King…”


Bill and Brother Randy witness the time of "Emperor Obama", who rashly did something that he had been threatening to do for the last six months. Immigration reform. Republicans lose their shit. The major networks refuse to give the speech coverage...another clever ploy by the "liberal media". We watch all of America turn into a fucking Roland Emmerich film as storms and temperatures break records....climate change? What me worry? We pay tribute to the genius of Mike Nichols. We also crown some tin foil hats! Climb aboard Billsters!!!

Bill Show #104: Bill Maher, Ben Affleck, Ebola and Rick Perry.


Bill and Brother Randy are back to tackling the question of the Bill Maher a bigot? We thrash out the details of whether the funniest angry guy on the left has a point. We also discuss where Gov. Rick Perry was while the City of Dallas allowed Ebola to fester for 9 days. We have an episode of "Uncle Randy's Political Fairytale" where we wonder what the world would be like if Mitt Romney had been elected President. We also crown the tin foil hat! The Bill Show is sailing...come aboard, matey!

Bill Show #101: Iraq-no-phobia. (or Once More With Feeling…)


Bill and Brother Randy are on deck again as America plunges oncc more into a Mid-East shitstorm. We look at the history of Sunni and Shia dummy spitting that goes back to 600AD. We discuss Saudi Arabia and how it helped create your friendly neighborhood bigoted wack-job aka ISIS...or ISIL...or...whatever. We glance over other news from the last 10 days and award some prime tin-foil hats. Come on aboard the crazy train!

The 100th Bill Show Spectacular (or “I Only Have Isis For You…”).


Yes, we're back after a five week break for our 100th show. Bill and Uncle Randy take a look at what the world is gonna do with the first internet terrorist organization...Isis. We take a look at FOX pushing again for war. We discuss how Obama is dealing with Putin and the warped media reaction to the Ferguson riots. We also look back at some things we have learned (as in "What have you learned, Dorothy?"), from viewing American politics and the world for the last three years. 

Bill Show #99: PS…Your Cat Has Ebola.


Bill and Brother Randy are on deck for the non-stop shit sandwich that are current events this week. We discuss the continuing dueling war crimes being executed in the middle east. We look in disbelief at Africa where people are dying from a virus last seen in a science fiction movie. We total up the nut cases yelling for Obama's impeachment. (What for? Well...getting elected, of course). We look at an English teacher in Utah who has been fired for teaching English. We learn about the good people of New England who are standing up for Market Basket and against corporate domination. We also upturn a tried and true Tin Foil hat. We also have some of the funniest clips from the last two weeks. It's the last train to Crazy...jump on board!

Bill Show #98: The World Goes Batshit.


With the mid-east going to shit in a handbasket, the original Bill is back while Brother Randy takes a breather. We look at the one sided "war" going on in Gaza and how NBC pulled Hyman Mohyeldin the one mainstream network reporter showing what life is really like in Israel's one stop horror theme park. We talk about the situation in Ukraine that led to a bunch of Pro-Russian Rednecks with state of the art weapons (provided by "Super Genius" Vlad Putin) to commit mass murder. We also reveal a new segment on the Bill show while unveiling an incredible "tin foil hat". The world is a freak show this a ticket...

Bill Show #97: SCOTUS Gives “Freedom of Worship” To Corporations (…just like Thomas Jefferson intended.)


The Bill Show focuses on the Hobby Lobby decision and how it goes for the big Conservative double take down....screwing women and LGBT folks! We discuss the big things you didn't know about America that will drive your GOP friends crazy. We also salute a tried and true Asshat. Get your praying shawls on kids...its devotion time in aisle 2! Attention Hobby Lobby Shoppers!

The Freak Show


The Bill's check the polls and talk about the newest GOP Obama Conspiracy Theory..(he's after our guns). We talk about ALEC and how its being used in the long term playbook of lobbying State houses across the nation. We name our asshats and heros. See the Freak Show...roll up!

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