Bill Show #256: Remember…Donny Is A Psycho.


Mary Trump writes a book that says Donny's Dad didn't love him enough. Are you telling me if Fred Trump had done the f*cking "Field of Dreams" thing with his kid more often...we wouldn't be in this mess????!!! We discuss. Donny goes crazy at Mount Rushmore and in the Rose much longer before this psycho snaps? We discuss. We drink. Randy bring the top ten reasons "people don't wear masks". None of them more important than containing the plague. There is comedy and comment. We're in lock down here too, so sit back and join us...

Bill Show #255: Shut The F*ck Up and Put On Your Mask.


Red States that scoffed at safety procedures in April are now feeling the brunt of the Covid virus in the States. Trump charges into action by cutting federal funding for test sites. We discuss. Trump claims that he didn't know about Russia's bounty for American troops overseas, yet American intelligence says they knew in March. We discuss. Trump tweets gibberish and polls show him dying a slow death in swing states. Randy asks the musical question: What if Trump loses and refuses to leave? There is also a puppet show and comedy from the US political scene. Pull up a chair!

Bill Show #254: Ballad of the Cornered Rat


Like a rat caught in a trap and is in the middle of chewing his own leg off...Trump's numbers have plunged. The Black Lives Matter movement has swept the globe and demonstrations have cued the Baboon President's inner thug, as he gasses and beats journalists to get a photo op. Trump calls a moronic tent show in Tulsa, daring protesters to come and encouraging his borg followers to "keep the peace". We survey the amazing month in US political history. Randy brings his rant and asks the musical question "Can Trump Cancel The Election?" We discuss. There are jokes. And a puppet show.


Bill Show #253: “The COVID Classic”


Americans die. Donny plays golf. We discuss. Obamagate? We discuss. Evidently there are a lot of people making a bundle of cash off the Covid plague.  We discuss. We sing showtunes. There is a puppet show, as well. Come on in.

Bill Show #252: “Trump Is Killing America…Really.”


Drink bleach. Donald wants you all dead. When you think the world cant get any more acid trip, GONZO…the leader of the free world needs a child proof cap to keep him away from the Mister Clean. We discuss. Jimmy Dore starts heaping it on Bernie Sanders for dropping out. We wont hear any of that….the truth is….the people we needed stayed on the couch on election day. We discuss. Trump plugs a virus cure made by a company associated with a prime GOP fundraising sugar daddy. There’s always an angle with Donny. We discuss. Are there more sociopaths around today? We ponder. Randy brings the comedy and our nut jobs of the week. Dive in, guys….we’re sterile.

Bill Show #251: The Trump Virus


From our isolation amongst sorted half a rolls of toilet paper, here we are. As we continue into our own Stephen King Reality, we watch what the mad king hath wrought on our homeland. We are watching a slow motion mass murder. We discuss. The stimulus package passes and includes hidden giveaways to Corporate America including a multi trillion dollar slush fund for Trump to give to banks, defence contractors and other well funded corporate interests. It is the largest ransacking of the US Treasury since…the last one. Meanwhile Joe Biden is taking off with Democratic Nomination…despite that his appearances on TV remind everybody of “Weekend At Bernie’s”. Then a former aid comes forward that touchy feely Joe Biden is guilty of sexual assault. Randy tries to cheer us up. He brings the clips as well as some songs to listen to while you sit at home and watch you're cat.

A Message To Our Listeners..


Dear Listener,
Unfortunately due to a family illness, Bill has had to call a hiatus to our show. In the 8 years we have been doing “The Bill Show” this is the first time we’ve done this. He wants you to know that even though he’s spending nights at a hospital now, he has voted…and we both encourage you to keep up the fight.

We love all of you who join us for our little audio get together, and hope you will return with us when we start releasing shows in the near future. Feel free to drop us a line at and send messages of support for Bill and his wife during this time. You may also access the 8 years of back episodes at

We will see you again soon.

Yours in Solidarity,


Bill Show #250: Will The DNC Screw Bernie…Again?



It's been a ride. Donald is trying to get Barr to keep Roger Stone quiet by lowering his sentence. We discuss. The Democrats run a screw job on Bernie in Iowa. However he still wins the popular vote, (yet mystically gets less delegates). He then goes to New Hampshire...and wins again. In comes Micheal Bloomberg, off the bench to stop Bernie. Biden is a dead man walking. We discuss. We head to the Nevada Caucuses and look back fondly on the Nevada Convention in 2016. We pray that Nevada will be than last time. Randy talks about a former leader of the Evangelistic Right who warns that if Trump is out voted, we could have a revolution on our hands. Finally we watch kitten videos on Youtube and drink a lot of vodka.

Bill Show #249: Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_249.jpgImpeachment goes ahead and Adam Schiff delivers an amazing case for the obvious….Trump’s guilty. None of this seems to matter to Republicans. We discuss. Uncle Lev lands a video of Trump having dinner and discussing shafting the Ukrainian Ambassador. Yes…the guy he said he never knew. Then we look at the return of Hillary Clinton and the preparations to ratfuck Bernie Sanders now that he might have a chance of winning. We listen to The View and listen to the smear job. Randy has brought clips and a first class rant.

Bill Show #248: Victims of Distraction



While Australia burns, 176 men women and children in a civilian airliner pay the price for Trump's side show in Iran. We discuss. In a special comment, we look at unique grotesque chamber of horrors that constitutes the history of modern Republican Party. We discuss. CNN does a hit job on Bernie that was so obvious and laughable that no one is buying it. Expect more BS in the future kids. Impeachment begins. Finally Randy looks at dating in Trumpland. It's scary. Pull up a chair...

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