New Weekly Bill Show #173: Donald Trump Is In A World of Sh%t.



Little Donny is now in a world of shit. Comey goes before congress and affirms that his Obama conspiracy is an illusion of someone who is off his meds. His repeal of Obamacare is in trouble and his Secretary of State leaks that he "didn't want the job". We also find more Russian dirty laundry in Paul Manaford's closet and listen to  Spicey claim that they hardly know their old campaign manager. We also listen to the backstage gossip at the White House that claims The Donald is boiling mad and sleeping alone. Randy serves up a rant and a great tin foil hat. Yes its the new short weekly Bill Show...dive in folks!


New Weekly Bill Show #172: What The Other Hand Is Doing…




While all of America stares in amazement at President Crazy Pants, the GOP is raiding the treasury for their rich buddies. The GOP's health care plan give HUGE tax breaks to rich insurance executives while it throws 20,000,000 off of their health insurance. They are currently (this week) trying to sneak a bill through Congress that would make large class action lawsuits against corperations all but impossible. Oil slick kill your business? Car explodes and kills your family? Unjustly fired? Your water causes cancer? Fuck you. You can't sue us. Sound good? We also talk about the most recent entries in the Trump "Lies of the Week". We listen to some great clips and include a flash tin foil hat!


New Weekly Bill Show #171: Russian To Impeachment.




Yes, its the new WEEKLY BILL SHOW!!! Shorter, Sharper and on every week! This week we look at more Russia connections for the Trump White House. GOP hack Roger Stone admits to contacting Gucifer, the hacker that sabotaged the DNC. Paul Manaford's aid evidently had some interesting pals in the Russian Banking sector...go figure. We listen to a classic rant from Randy, and a fine tin foil hat! Jump on the weekly train to clips and commentary!


Bill Show #170: Follow The Money.



While Trump makes a teleprompter speech before Congress, the new Attorney General admits to meetings with the Russians BEFORE Trump was President. The new Secretary of Commerce is revealed to have deep connections with the Bank of Cyprus, otherwise known as where Russian Oligarchs do their laundry. It's also beginning to look like almost everyone in the Trump campaign had connections with Uncle Vlad and his friends. There is a storm coming for Trump and the GOP. We look at the media's reactions to Trump's speech and the number of Russian Intelligence folks dying all of a sudden as more is known about Vlad's hooks into Trump...(its like an episode of "Murder She Wrote Goes To Moscow".) We look at the Trump war on the first Ammendment and the push back from the 4th estate. Finally we listen to clips from the last two weeks and crown our tin foil hats. Come and have a look as we "follow the money"...


Bill Show #169: The Manchurian President.



Well...the whole con job of electing Donald Trump and his Russian connections is about to be blown up. Stories explode from intelligence leaks pointing to complicity with Russian Intelligence in the Trump Campaign DURING the election. Trump is spinning out of control and does his best impression of a Nazi Forrest Gump during a press conference the beggars belief. We have a big show this week. We look at Trump's logstanding connections in Russia and the full court press by the "resistance" to press Congress to insist on a full investigation by an impartial entity. We discuss the Democrats who voted for a climate denier for head of the EPA. We listen to Jim Jefferies DESTROY Piers Morgan (a thing of beauty). We have a Randy's Rant that shows the finer points of Trump's fantasy life. We include some great clips and some occasional bad language. Finally we include a tin foil hat. Trump is imploding...we give you details on what YOU can do this month to STOP TRUMP and RESIST. Hop on board...there's a rightous train coming down the tracks...


Bill Show #168: No Retreat, No Surrender.




While the leader of the free world watched "Finding Dory" and did some coloring...(he'll be walking soon...we're so proud), 4.2 million people took to the streets with one thing to say.."game on, bitch." We talk about the first two weeks of the Trump administration or as they're calling it in Washington..."Weekend at Bernie's 3". We discuss the things you can do to stop Betsy DeVoss from becoming education secetary and saving public education more destruction. (No we're not kidding...) We cover the utterings the baby-man who has nuclear codes. We also have clips and tin foil hats. We're back...fired up....and ready to go!


Bill Show #167: That Was The Year That Was.






Bill Show #166: Who Profits From Trump’s Treason?



Who's profiting from the Russian Coup of the United States? Follow the money. While Trump appoints more comic relief for his Cabinet from Hell, we analyse the appointment of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and his more than cozy relationship with the state owned oil company of Russia. The payoff for buying a President of the United States could be trillions of dollars in the pockets of Russian friends of Putin and the death of our planet. We look at a true story of the Christmas spirit and look towards the December 19th last call for saving America from Trump. We also embrace the crazy of a guy from Finland and the ever nutty John Bolton. Its another day watching the world burn...bring your own beverage...


Bill Show #165: What Me Worry?



Another week. Oy. Trump starts a spat with China and invites a guy who runs death squads to the White House. We check out the increasing margin for Hillary in the election as it tops 2.5 million. You gotta love American Democracy. We inspect the newest parade of hacks, looneys and corporate prostitutes populating the new Trump administration. We check out the Randy Rant and talk a little about the newest satire and clips from the US political scene. Don't'll be fine...breath...


Bill Show #164: Meet The New Boss…(same as the Old Boss).



It's another week for Trump and friends. We watch Mitt Romney as he swallows his soul and kneels before Zod. We look at the  new appointments for the "populist" President and realise that he's selling out his voters from day one. Trump appoints a Wall Street hack to run the treasury and sets the table for fossil fuel drilling in National Parks. We look back at the long career of Fidel Castro. We discuss the theories of Bill O'Reilly, who denies that Trump and his backers are really racist. We beg to differ. We give countless examples and site a study from the Southern Poverty Law Center which shows American schools are battling racist bullying on record levels after Trump's election. We also listen to clips from the week and unveil our new tin foil hats. 


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