Special Bill Show: Sandy Hook…Again.



There are simply no words to describe the frustrated anger and profound saddness we feel for our home today. For five years we have done podcasts about mass shootings in America. This is a show we did after the school shooting in Sandy Hook. It was facinating to look at our optimism that things would finally change. Years later...here we are again. Only the names have changed.



Bill Show #204: The Kramden White House



Enhancing their reputation as liars, bullies and thugs...the White House reluctatntly fires wife abusers. Why are you not surprised? The boss was accused of rape by his ex-wife. We discuss. We discuss the peculiar case of David Brooks from the New York Times. We also discover that Donny wants a parade. A shiny parade. With trucks. We'll discuss. We update you on the latest clips and serve up our tin foil hats.


Bill Show #203: There Will Be Blood.


There_Will_Be_Blood.jpgYes, its going to get hairy in the next few weeks. The Democrats back down on DACA and Trump and GOP construct the Nunes Memo to fire up the base before he fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and goes after Meuller...before The Don is personally edicted in the Russia Probe. We discuss with clips from the week. Randy discusses the loony Mike Pence (future President?) the former radio host and unsuccessful Governor of Indiana. We listen to Science Fiction Writer Harlan Ellison from 1994 and his take on God…and incredibly…Donald Trump. We listen to the Loony Right media machine, who will be inciting violence to defend Trump.


Bill Show #202: Trump Takes Hostages.



Trump and his party of scumbags take children hostage in a budget fight that closes down the Federal Government. We look back and discuss the payback that Trump gave Lindsey Graham at the cost of children's lives. We discuss what YOU can do from abroad with Thomas Lopez head of Democrats Abroad Victoria. We discuss the Women's March that saw hundreds of thousands people world wide stand against the Great Cheeto Molester. Randy brings us a walk through the year of Trump and brings back an old friend of the show. We finally remember Martin Luther King, and how the racism that killed him is alive and well in the Republican party.


Bill Show #201: The Mad King.



Vanity Fair reporter Michael Wolff tells us what we already knew...Trump is in over his head and people around him are either traitors or scared to resign because they're afraid what he'll do if they leave. We survey the damage after the tell all book. We discuss the GOP conspiracy to surpress the ongoing investigations and targeting the authors of the Trump dossier. We ask the musical question...President Oprah? Randy has a first class rant and we crown our tin foil hat. 


Bill Show #200: Happy F#cking New Year.



Its our 200th show and the last one of 2017. We look at Great Leader who saved Christmas and who is about to cause a Constitutional Crisis in the New Year. There's great evidence that Trump is preparing to fire Mueller and fight any charges laid in the New Year. We survey the Christmas Tree and look at the screw job that the GOP dealt everyone just in time for the holidays. Randy brings some comedy (thank God...) and we provide heaps of clips from the year. Finally we crown our Tin Foil Hat of the Year. Guess who...?


Bill Show #199: Sweet Home Alabama.



After over twenty years, the Democratic Party has taken deep red Alabama. Judge Roy Moore still won't concede. Trump is taking the loss well. We break down the results and discuss what this means for the future. We take a look at Mrs. Roy Moore and her speech-a-fying. We go to brother Randy for a first class rant and we round off the show with some choice tin foil hats.


Bill Show #198: The Beginning Of The End?



General Mike Flynn is singing. The White House is saying that the President can't be charged with obstruction of justice. There's an ex-President he should look into. We discuss what Flynn knows and how he will be screwing over the boss. We discuss how Trump has managed to screw up our alliance with jolly old England. We discuss the final goodbye to the great Kieth Olbermann. Randy looks at the stubborn GOP embrace of a child molester. He provides an insight into young voters and presents us with another religious nut job. Finally we end with two tin foil hats. 


Classic Bill Show: Karma’s A Bitch…Aint It?


Mike_Flynn.jpgThe time may be right to listen to the Classic Bill Show from April this year when we chatted about Michael Flynn and his friends. Lock her up? I give you the crowned Prince of Irony. Enjoy...


Bill Show #197:It’s Time To Ask..Did Roger Stone Ratf#ck Al Franken?



The heat is on. The GOP is about to lose in Alabama. Their candidate is an alleged child molester who was banned in shopping malls for hitting on 14 year old girls. Roger Stone and the guys at Hannity know about shit they have on Franken. Mostly of him being an asshole when he was a standup comic. They decide to release it to the media in an attempt to distract from the man who reminds us of the old guy with the walking frame on Family Guy. It is done as a good old case of ratf#cking...Nixon style. The sexual equivililant to the Canuck letter. We discuss.  We discuss the Russian yacht docked in Florida during Thanksgiving. Randy investigates the people who still love Roy Moore and love Jesus. We wind it up with another tin foil hat.


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