Bill Show #108: “It’s Good To Be The King…”


Bill and Brother Randy witness the time of "Emperor Obama", who rashly did something that he had been threatening to do for the last six months. Immigration reform. Republicans lose their shit. The major networks refuse to give the speech coverage...another clever ploy by the "liberal media". We watch all of America turn into a fucking Roland Emmerich film as storms and temperatures break records....climate change? What me worry? We pay tribute to the genius of Mike Nichols. We also crown some tin foil hats! Climb aboard Billsters!!!

Bill Show #101: Iraq-no-phobia. (or Once More With Feeling…)


Bill and Brother Randy are on deck again as America plunges oncc more into a Mid-East shitstorm. We look at the history of Sunni and Shia dummy spitting that goes back to 600AD. We discuss Saudi Arabia and how it helped create your friendly neighborhood bigoted wack-job aka ISIS...or ISIL...or...whatever. We glance over other news from the last 10 days and award some prime tin-foil hats. Come on aboard the crazy train!

State of the Union, New Jersey Politics and Raving Asshats!


The Bill's are back, taking a good hard look at The State of the Union and creative brilliance that IS the GOP response. We watch New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie squirm as he gets caught being...well...a vidictive lieing weasle. We talk about the coming final decision from the Dept. of State regarding the Keystone pipeline. And finally, we serve up a pair of real asshats for our tin foil hat! Join us for the progressive chat!

Oh God Wisconsin…


The Bill's sift through the rubble and the death of Union power in Wisconsin. We ask the eternal question...where was Obama during the battle? We say goodbye to legend Ray Bradbury and name our asshat of the week...(guess who?)

Bill’s Back


The second Bill is back and we go over this week on the campaign trail. We discuss the new species of right wing Barbie like pundits produced by the right wing. We listen to an amazing speech delivered by Joe Biden and honor our asshats and heros for the week. Enjoy.

The Lonely Bill Show


One Bill instead of two this week. Keep him company as he recaps us on election news and explores the new Right wing attacks on Obama (flashes from the past). He also chats about the GOP legislative time bomb set for November. Join "The Bill Show" for the latest in Political opinion from the left!

Mitt’s Wonder Years and Obama Stands Up For Justice.


The Bill's look back at Mitt Romney's "Wonder Years" and discover a feckless thug. Obama puts on his cape and starts to stand up for justice. We chat about gun control and how JP Morgan has just lost 2 billion dollars (and you'll be paying for it...). We also deal with Heros and Asshats.

War On Motherhood Show.


The Bill's try to understand why the GOP thinks Obama hates Motherhood. We listen to Robert Reich explain how the Romney made his bucks and reveal who is giving BIG bucks to Karl Rove and the GOP to get rid of Obama. We also talk about why NBC doesn't want to reveal who is paying for political ad buys on their network and we pay tribute to the one and only...BRUUUUCE!!!

On Wisconsin!


The Bill's discuss the wonderful gaffe machine that IS the Romney Campaign. We also discuss...should we actively support the Obama Bandwagon? (Even though we know he may break our hearts.)

Special Episode: Gunned Down In America.


In this special episode we discuss the tragedy of  the Trayvon Martin case.

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