Bill Show #240: Moron Tony Soprano



Holy Sh*t. In three short weeks Donny “No Brain” Soprano is revealed to be strong arming a US ally to help him get elected. Then his White House turns over the notes that show he’s guilty of both blackmailing and covering it up. We discuss. Rudy “Bat Shit Lionel Hutz” Giuliani goes on CNN. His head explodes. No really. It blew the f*ck up. I’m serious. That’s entertainment, Billsters! Trump says he wants to shoot whistleblowers. The IMPEACHMENT IS ON BABY! We rejoice. We listen to Greta’s climate change speech…then we listen to the reaction from the extinction loving GOP. Amazing. Finally Randy brings a rolling rant that covers clips and comedy from the last weeks in US politics. Welcome to the last reel of “Titanic”…man the lifeboats…scumbags and weasels first. 

Bill Show #239: The Climate…and President Dumbass.


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_239.jpgThe Bahamas is devastated and President Dumbass plays with his crayons. We discuss. Chances are, this climate event may attract some attention from the one percent, as its not in the third world this time...but where Bill Gates and Johnny Depp have their summer houses. We discuss. Joe Biden once again proves that he still has the super power of sounding stupid. After being nailed for going to fossil fuel fundraisers...he still drops by to pass the plate. A true progressive warrior. "Mad Dog" Mattis, General and all American War Criminal, drops by Morning Blow to hock his new book and NOT say anything about our insane child President. Randy runs down the last two weeks in US Politics and we include clips and comedy. Come on in...bring your crayons and a Sharpie

Bill Show #238: Shafting Bernie



MSNBC and the Washington Post clutch their pearls and are outraged that they have been called out for shafting Bernie in their coverage (just as they did 2016). Can Bernie prove it? I don't the sky blue? We discuss. Jeffery Epstein's mysterious "suicide" is about as mysterious as an episode of "Murder She Wrote". We discuss with the help of Angela Lansbury. Joe Biden starts to talk doesn't end well. We marvel at length and breadth of the hatred in the establishment for Sanders. We provide some truly zany and insane articles from noted former Hillary supporters (and mainstream journos)  who continue to conduct a jihad against Sanders, risking once again alienating the base of Sanders supporters (who they need 2019). Are they that stupid? Is the sky blue? Randy winds up with an entire two weeks of dribbling crap (he wants to buy Greenland) from the leader of the free world. Buy a ticket...take the ride....

Bill Show #237: Debate…then Rome Burns…



BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_237.jpgWhile America burns, we discussed the latest Democratic Debate.  Much of this was recorded before Donny's Nazi Brown Shirts decided to play with their automatic weapons again. 

Bill Show #236: Is Karma Coming For Donny?


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_236.jpgTrump distracts by attacking "The Squad" and the media and the Democrats buy it. Meanwhile we're not talking about Muller and no one   noticed the drastic changes in the Jeffery Epstein case. We discuss. Everyone complains when Muller tells congress to impeach Donny for obstruction of justice. Evidently that's still not enough. Jesus. Randy talks about "The Squad" and we explore the continuing musical comedy that is Lyndsey Graham.

Bill Show #235: “Fear And Loathing In Pottersville”



They say you can't go back. I did. We look at the vast difference in an American Town. Their is an air of "Its a Wonderful Life" and George Orwell in Trump's America. We discuss. And yes…it’s the Democratic Thunderdome where MSNBC tastefully presented the American Political Reality Show…policy wonk style. We discuss. Morning Joe feels its important that Democrats listen to his advice on how to oust Trump. There is hilarity. We discuss. Randy talks of the way America is being viewed overseas and the cost of Trump’s policies. Finally, we salute a true American Hero….my Dad. 

Bill Show #234: “Impeach Him, For God Sake!!!”



Let's see...what's happened? Mueller leaves us with a huge amount of evidence, and an explanation that sounds like an iTunes agreement. However the shit on Donald keeps coming. It's time to impeach Donald because...let's HE'S GUILTY,HE'S CRAZY AND HE HAS NUCLEAR CODES!!! We discuss. Donny goes on a 10 minute rant (again) proving that as a President he makes a great narcissistic sociopath. He'll be dribbling soon. We discuss the Trump Justice Department's targeting of Freedom of the Press. We discuss how Julian Assange is being used as a Trojan Horse to suppress and destroy what's left of journalism. Joe Biden can't wait to compromise with the GOP. (It's great we have an inspiring front runner...) Meanwhile he's taking it easy and trying to walk back...well...a lot. We discuss. Randy brings in the clips and uncovers the truth about the new evangelical 51st state. (Blessed be the Fruit). Pull up a chair and join us...

Bill Show #233: Bolton’s War.



The bill is coming due for the Republicans blocking Merrick Garland from the Supreme Court. The bill's coming due for Brett Kavanaugh. Millions of women are in danger of losing their right to choose. We discuss. John Bolton is setting the board for another Gulf of Tonkin incident to start a war with Iran. We discuss. We look back at how the Conservatives defeated the Green New Deal in Australia. There is a lesson to be learned for the USA. We discuss. Randy brings the clips and we look back on the last couple of weeks in US politics. 


Bill Show #232: “The Bullsh*t Artist”



A subpoena is a legally enforceable demand for documents, data, or witness testimony. In Latin, “sub poena” means “under penalty.” But evidently...not anymore. As Trump stalls and the Democrats devote time to whether or not enforcing the law is politically convenient, our President "The Cheeto Mussolini" attempts a coup in Venezuela and moves US forces to Iran's backdoor. Barr proves himself to be the reincarnation of Roy Cohn. And by the way, the new UN report on biodiversity is outselling Stephen King at the bookstores. Randy brings in some funny clips and we drink heavily. Pull up a stool...

Bill Show #231: “Impeachable You..”



We take a hard look at the 10 different instances of obstruction of justice. In the words of 45, "I'm F**KED." You know. Just what completely innocent people say when they find out they're being investigated. We discuss. We take a two minute tour of Trump's  long romance with Uncle Vlad. (But forget that America...go to sleep...these aren't the droids you're looking for...) There's no money for the Green New Deal but the new defence budget is close to 3/4 of a trillion dollars. More than the next seven countries combined. We discuss. There is screaming. We discuss Joe Biden. We discuss the newest polls. Randy shares some brilliant political satire and we discuss the role of radical Christianity in American Politics. Then we have a new Tin Foil Hat of the week. Pull up a chair, set a spell...

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