Bill Show #240: Moron Tony Soprano



Holy Sh*t. In three short weeks Donny “No Brain” Soprano is revealed to be strong arming a US ally to help him get elected. Then his White House turns over the notes that show he’s guilty of both blackmailing and covering it up. We discuss. Rudy “Bat Shit Lionel Hutz” Giuliani goes on CNN. His head explodes. No really. It blew the f*ck up. I’m serious. That’s entertainment, Billsters! Trump says he wants to shoot whistleblowers. The IMPEACHMENT IS ON BABY! We rejoice. We listen to Greta’s climate change speech…then we listen to the reaction from the extinction loving GOP. Amazing. Finally Randy brings a rolling rant that covers clips and comedy from the last weeks in US politics. Welcome to the last reel of “Titanic”…man the lifeboats…scumbags and weasels first.