Bill Show #158: Kellyanne Conway, Queen of the Damned.



In this episode we are finally reassured by Donald Drumph that Obama might be American. We then experience the Queen of the Damned...Trump's campaign manager, the smart and evil Kellyanne Conway. We watch in amazement as she sells what's left of her mortal soul on a daily basis cleaning up after the shit machine that is Donald Trumps's mouth. We pay tribute to a real radio journalist hero, and friend of the show, Eric Williams. We listen to him from August 2013 where he talked passionately about the race problem in America. We rejoice at the return of Keith Olbermann in the GQ web series. Watch it! We listen to an MP3 that literally made us ill. That's right...Trump gets religion. We ask all US expats to save the world and VOTE!!!  . And finally we check out the winner of this week's "Jonesy Award". 
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