Bill Show #162: What Then, Must We Do?


 YugeHouse.jpg're not going to wake from this. It's real. But there is hope. Live from Democrats Abroad Melbourne we interview Dems in Australia as they view the election result.We also have a huge show devoted to the recent coup in the USA, where the Russian Government and elements inside the FBI conspired to have a alt-right fascist move into the White House. We discuss the political realities of the Democratic Party strategy that made the Clinton campaign vulnerable in the Rust Belt states that sealed her fate on election night. We discuss the electoral college and how it's given us George W. Bush and Donald Trump. We check in with our religious "nut bag" of the week (trust me they are happy as hypocrites about their pu**y grabbing new President). We wind up with out tin foil hats. We also discuss the answer to the question..."What then, must we do?"

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