Classic Bill Show:: The Manchurian President.- February 2017



Well...the whole con job of electing Donald Trump and his Russian connections is about to be blown up. Stories explode from intelligence leaks pointing to complicity with Russian Intelligence in the Trump Campaign DURING the election. Trump is spinning out of control and does his best impression of a Nazi Forrest Gump during a press conference the beggars belief. We have a big show this week. We look at Trump's logstanding connections in Russia and the full court press by the "resistance" to press Congress to insist on a full investigation by an impartial entity. We discuss the Democrats who voted for a climate denier for head of the EPA. We listen to Jim Jefferies DESTROY Piers Morgan (a thing of beauty). We have a Randy's Rant that shows the finer points of Trump's fantasy life. We include some great clips and some occasional bad language. Finally we include a tin foil hat. Trump is imploding...we give you details on what YOU can do this month to STOP TRUMP and RESIST. Hop on board...there's a rightous train coming down the tracks...