Bill Show #246: Merry Impeachmas!!!


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_246.jpgMerry Impeachmas!!! We stop to watch Donny have a temper tantrum after he becomes only the “Fourth President in American History Ever To Be Impeached”. Bring popcorn. Trump’s starting to pay off Senators to stay with him in the Senate vote. We discuss. We discuss the living soul of Jeff Van Drew (Democrat New Jersey) who decided to become a Republican. We also wonder what Tulsi Gabbard was blithering about when she voted “present” on impeachment. We discuss. We observe the Democratic Debate and ask the media question, “Does Bernie Sanders exist?” Morning Joe and MSNBC say “Not if we can help it”. We give you the gift of our first episode of “Bill and Randy’s Political Mystery Theatre 3000”. Yes radio drama at its very best. We bring the clips from politics and Randy bring a quiz. Merry Impeachmas, Billsters!!!!

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