Bill Show #247: Donny Wags The Dog



Well its a New Year. While the world was recovering from a pleasing hangover after New Years Eve, Donny decided to start a war with Iran. Jesus. Are you f*cking kidding me?! When will this end? Donny's gunning for the "Devil's Distraction" by wagging the dog in the Middle East. We discuss. Evidently he also leaked the coming mid-east crisis to club goers at his Florida Resort. No...I'm not kidding. We discuss. We look at climate change as the forests and suburbs burn in Australia's bush fires. We urge you to give to the bushfire effort at our local Country Fire Authority here in Victoria, Australia . We look at a poll from last year showing 1/3 of American respondents were cool with nuclear war. We drink heavily and discuss. Randy has a rolling rant and we try to cheer up. The bar's open, Billsters...pull up a stool...

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