Bill Show Classic: December 2017



Yes!!! It's a re-run!!! Wonder what we were saying December 31st 2017??  Pull up a chair and experience the wonder and awe that is...Bill Show Classic Collection! Enjoy Billsters!! Here are the show notes from the show three years ago! We've come a long way, Billsters.:

ts our 200th show and the last one of 2017. We look at Great Leader who saved Christmas and who is about to cause a Constitutional Crisis in the New Year. There's great evidence that Trump is preparing to fire Mueller and fight any charges laid in the New Year. We survey the Christmas Tree and look at the screw job that the GOP dealt everyone just in time for the holidays. Randy brings some comedy (thank God...) and we provide heaps of clips from the year. Finally we crown our Tin Foil Hat of the Year. Guess who...?


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